NFL Draft and Recruiting

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NFL Draft and Recruiting

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I'm going to stir the pot on the recruiting rankings again. Remember that a 5-star player is one they are projecting to be a R1 pick. 4 stars fill out the rest of the 7 rounds. So each year there are 32 5-stars and roughly 200 4-stars. Here's where things netted out after the first round:

247 rankings:
13 of 31 picks were 5-stars.
Another 9 were 4-stars.

So out of all the thousands of high school players, 247 got 42% of the 5-satrs ratings right on the nose. And it's not like they were far off on those 29% of the first rounders that were 4-stars as those guys were projected draft picks. Seems pretty predictive to me 8)
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