Dante Derosa FIU

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Dante Derosa FIU

Post by DrHullabaloo »

This senior LB transfer is posting in Tulane Classifieds looking for housing, he’s transferring to TU for his senior year. It looks like he’s been going in the transfer portal since the end of the 2021 season.

I’m guessing just a hopeful walk on?

Does anyone have any intel?

Just curious
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Re: Dante Derosa FIU

Post by Baywave1 »

Dr H, Best use of social media to read tea leaves for recruiting in a while.
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Re: Dante Derosa FIU

Post by FW »

He played high school ball with Carson Haggard. Started his career at an NAIA school. I don’t think he played at FIU (was on the team).
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