A couple new style tools for posting....

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A couple new style tools for posting....

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When you are posting, you can see the Styles buttons above the posting area-[B], [i], [u] & [Quote], etc....

There are now two new Style buttons on the second row:

[HiLit*]& [center*] (Obviously NO *S)

[HiLit*] is a light green highlight over a word or phrase, just like we used to do with our textbooks in college (usually with yellow but none of those sissy colors on this forum). Just highlight the word or phrase you desire highlighted in your post with the mouse. Then press the [HiLit*] style button and WALLAH, your post has that collegian textbook look we occasionally desire...

The Tulane victory over Ole Miss was highlighted by Ryan Griffin passing for 427 yards and a record 6 TDs!

[center*]is fairly self-explanatory and simple. After you have written your post highlight with your mouse the portion of your post you want centered in the middle of the page (the entire post can be centered or an image, etc.) Then press the [center*] style button and your post will have that regal look.
Tulane accumulated over 600 yards in total offense against the Rebels including over 256 yards rushing by their trio of running backs including Junior Albert Williams (5-9, 187), Junior J.T. McDonald (5-9, 212) and Sophomore Stephen Barnett (5-11, 184). The running game kept the Ole Miss defense on the field for long drives and opened up the passing game for the record breaking performance of QB Ryan Griffin.
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