Loretta Lynn

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Loretta Lynn

Post by WaveProf »

The most important Queen to die this year passed today at age 90
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Re: Loretta Lynn

Post by tulaneoutlaw »

Will not be surprised to see Tennessee flags at half mast around here. The whole state may shut down the day Dolly passes.
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Re: Loretta Lynn

Post by waverider »

I had to ask my wife if that was recent because I didn’t know she was still alive.
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Re: Loretta Lynn

Post by AO Sig »

The Kingsport paper had Loretta Lynn's passing as the headline. Apparently the bio film "Coal Miner's Daughter" was filmed in Big Stone Gap, about 40 miles from here. Lots of extras and small roles filled by locals; all of whom had nothing but good things to say about her.

Outlaw is right; when Dolly goes to the Grand Ole Opry in the Sky the entire state will go into mourning. Make a visit to Pigeon Forge and you will figure that out quickly; she took a two-bit Silver Dollar City theme park and built into Dollywood, which has added new attractions regularly, then a water park, then a luxury hotel (I was actually in the lobby a few weeks ago, very impressive), and now building a second hotel. Her "Imagination Library" program distributes thousands of books to children who would otherwise never have any books to read.

I remember the first time I went to Pigeon Forge; wide spot in the road, outlet mall, cheesy family-owned motels. The changes are certainly impressive. Dolly and Loretta have been role models for celebrities- gracious kind people who give back to their fans.
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