How to post images, pics and Youtube links..

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How to post images, pics and Youtube links..

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For video links unless they are YouTube, just use the URL button above.

To embed a youtube video, you need the long link in your web browser of the video you want to post. An example is - http*:// - less the * after http.

Copy the link to the post then highlight the link. Then press the [youtube] button above. Your link should have [youtube] your link [/youtube].
The finished link will look like this - [youtube]{IDENTIFIER}[/youtube]

The embedded link of the first example is below -

For images, download them on your computer to your My Photos file or where ever you save/store them. Upload the pictures to a free image storage page such as:

Try and make the pictures a standard size (The Forum Max photo size is 750x750 pixels)

To post your photo on the Forum, it must be in (jpeg/jpg, png or gif format) format. Once you have uploaded the pictures to your image storage site then right click on the picture you want to post on YOGWF and go down and highlight and click on Properties (Last command on the bottom of the list). A window will pop-up with the properties of the pictures. The second line is the (Type:) of format of the picture. You want (jpeg/jpg, png or gif format). The third line is the (Address URL:). You should see something like- * or jpg. Copy that link then come to YOGWF.

Once you write your message press the Image The same link as above between the [img.][/img.] (no periods).
And if you have the link correct this should post the picture on the YOGWF page.

It seems like a lot of work however once you have an "image storage page" the process is just copying the link and hitting.

For those of you that do not have an "image storage page" I suggest you get one to store your digital or scanned photos. Then your photos do not get lost or destroyed.


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Re: How to post images, pics and Youtube links..

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Thanks for the instructions; please make this a sticky!!!!!
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