OU game predictions

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Re: OU game predictions

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Baywave1 wrote: Sat Sep 04, 2021 9:39 pm For those of you with a sporting bent and had an O/U of 69, I’m sure there were fourth q heart attacks when fritz went for 2 with the score 40-28 instead of kicking the EP and Pratt tripped over his lineman. Next series the OU kicker missed his FG.

Last Tulane TD made the over but it was still fun while it lasted
I kept popping onto my score app and reading the "chat" area which is all gamblers posting. A bunch of them must have gotten a lower O/U because they seemed to have met the over earlier than that.

It was fun watching the meltdowns of the people who had OU - 28 at half and especially later by those who had OU - 32 for the game. They had some serious disdain for Rattler and the OU defense. A couple actually complimented Tulane...
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Re: OU game predictions

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Marathon Wave wrote: Mon Aug 30, 2021 7:47 pm Did I read a two-week delay in "opening school"? Could be a positive as it allows team to continue to practice without 'going to class' (we'd be like lsu :lol: ) Doesn't seem possible to have a home game if there's no power, so....hurry up Entergy. I'll take 2-2 to start this season.
Found this in NOLA.com today. Interview with Fritz, he was emphasizing positives of evacuation.

For one, he noted the short-term absence of classes has made it easier to focus on football.

Hmmmm, seems someone already thought of that. :-) :mrgreen:
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